Movable wall NORMA 100

A new level in the field of sliding structures! We are pleased to present a unique Collapsible Sliding Wall. A new type of construction allows you to quickly change the finish of the panels on the spot! Removable finishing sheets are easily replaced with new ones.

Production 20+ days

Warranty 12 months

Sound insulation 40, 50, 55 dB


  • Length - no limits
  • Height up to 12 000 mm
  • Thickness - 107 mm

Construction material

  • Veneer
  • Glass-magnesium sheet К0 (15)
  • Cloth
  • Felt
  • Laminated chipboard
  • Color according to the RAL catalog
  • Magnetic marker coating

Type of parking

  • 10 kinds: NE-1, NZ-2, NK-1, NK-2, NK-3, NK-4, NK-5, NK-6, NK-7, NK-8

Cost from 
24000 ₽/m2 without VAT



The collapsible movable wall NORMA 100 consists of separate panels that move along the upper rail and are assembled on the parking lot. Each panel consists of a main steel frame with a soundproofing layer and two cladding sheets.



  • Panel height up to 12 meters!
  • Quick design change
  • Panel repair on site
  • The ability to lift high panels without the risk of scratching them


NameSound insulation, dBThickness, mmWeight, kg/m²1 roller 2 rollers Panel Width, Standard, mmPanel Width, Max, mmPanel height, Standard, mmPanel height, Max, mmChipboard EGGERMagnetic-markerМДФ грунтVeneerMgO Board according to RAL
Movable Portable Wall NORMA 10040, 50, 5510766-80YesYes6001240280012000YesYesYesYesNo
Movable Portable Wall NORMA 100 Fire40, 50, 5510766-80YesYes6001200240012000NoYesNoNoYes